Electronic Waste Removal


pcbotic Offers Electronic Recycling Solutions

Data Security:

Our secure processes remove any data left on your electronics, and we provide extensive documentation to minimize chain-of-custody issues from when we receive the materials to the point where they’re recycled or discarded permanently

Product Resale:

We research product and material resale options, providing you the opportunity to earn money back from recycling unwanted electronics

IT Asset Recycling:

IT assets with no resale value must be properly managed. 

Environmental Compliance:

We work to ensure that our processes follow electronic recycling laws, and for peace of mind, we offer visible tracking of e-waste throughout the process

OEM Regulatory Compliance:

Our staff has the skills and knowledge to help with the regulatory complexities that OEMs face in complying with state recycling laws. 

Getting help is easy:

Need help with your device? Any technical questions?

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