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Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction The information businesses store on hard drives is not safe until physically destroyed. The best way to avoid a security breach is to use a hard drive destruction service to ensure confidential and highly sensitive data is uncompromised – including emails, invoices, budgetary numbers, and other internal documents.

Erasing Data Is Not Enough

Just because the information has been erased from a hard drive does not mean it is free from theft. That data can still be accessed by someone well-versed in information retrieval, which can lead to a major security breach. The only way to ensure your sensitive information cannot be accessed once the hard drive leaves your premises is to use secure hard drive destruction.

Certified Data Destruction

It is crucial to have a trusted provider of secure data destruction services. You can rely on PCBotic on-site shredding services to be certain your data is safe from any potential breach. Our Mobile Hard Drive Shredding Unit is a high security hard drive shredding facility on wheels that will travel to you, for secure destruction you can witness.

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The data on your hard drive is stored magnetically.  The reason why magnetism is used in computer storage is because it goes on storing information even when the power is switched off. Objects that are magnetized will remain that way until you demagnetize or degauss it.

Degaussing is achieved by passing the magnetic media through a powerful magnetic field to rearrange the polarity of the particles, thus completely removing any likeness of the previously recorded data. It renders any and all previous data unrecoverable.

Pros: A degausser is good if you want to completely erase all audio, video and data signals from the magnetic storage.

Cons: Degaussing is not entirely fool-proof.  It can only be used on magnetic media, and there is no way to guarantee that a particular degaussing machine is strong enough to destroy all the data on every hard drive.  Also, degaussing does not provide reporting of the erasure process, which is needed to prove regulatory compliance.  Most IT professionals will tell you that degaussing or wiping hard drives is no longer an acceptable method for complete, secure destruction of stored data.


The best and most secure method of rendering hard drive information completely unusable is to completely destroy it through hard drive shredding. Hard drive shredding works similarly to how paper documents are destroyed, except it is the hard drive that is being shredded into unusable pieces. Data is impossible to retrieve once it has been pulverized.

The benefit of hiring an on-site service for your hard drive destruction needs is that your hard drive will be destroyed on your property, in your presence, and you will receive a certificate of destruction upon completion. Hard drive shredding is the only true way to achieve peace of mind when disposing of an old computer.

Benefits of Hard Drive Shredding:

  • Your sensitive data is now 100% unrecoverable, so you don’t have to worry at all about hackers seizing your data.
  • You can ensure your business is in compliance with regulatory requirements, avoiding fines and potential lawsuits.
  • For personal computers, your data will be safely destroyed without the worry of identity theft

For hard drive disposal, consider services that can offer complete and total destruction.

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